Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tagged Again!

I've been tagged by my Mom, so here is my tag:


8 Favorite Holiday Shows

1. The Bishop's Wife

2. Muppet Christmas Carol (yes, I'm a hopeless Muppet fanatic - Gonzo's my favorite)

3. It's A Wonderful Life (which I saw for the first time this week)

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the original cartoon version)

5. Elf ( I know, not a very intelligent, sophisticated movie, but incredibly fun)

6. The Santa Clause (refer to the above)

7. NARNIA!!!! (Duh! How could I forget that one?)

8. I can't think of any others that I don't consider remarkably stupid movies... so I'll leave you with seven.

8 Christmas Things I Did Yesterday

1. Put up the Tree of Sheba (my mom's tree)

2. Put up the Holly Jolly Christmas Tree (my siblings' and my tree)

3. Sang a million Christmas carols in harmony with my sister

4. Read my friend's Christmas card (it was actually last year's Christmas card... )

5. Looked over my very exciting choir music for Carol of the Bells that I found and am learning with my sister

6. Watched Muppet Christmas Carol (I told you - I'm a hopeless Muppet-lover!)

7. Watched the snow.

8. Worked on my Christmas short story for KOF

8 Things I Look Forward to at Christmas

1. Celebrating the birth of my Savior

2. Duh, the Christmas carols (my sister won't let us listen to Christmas music or watch Christmas movies until after Thanksgiving... it was misery this year)

3. Wrapping presents (call me weird, I LOVE wrapping presents and curling ribbon)

4. Christmas cards/letters

5. Christmas movies

6. Eggnog (mmmm)

7. Having people over for Christmas

8. Christmas break (I love school, but not enough that I don't love a break : )

8 Favorite Things to Eat at Christmastime

1. Eggnog!

2. Prime Rib

3. Apple Cider

4. Trifle

5. Jocelyn's Egg Nog Pie

6. Random things with peppermint in them.

7. Turkish Delight - and if I get a candy thermometer, I may actually get it to turn out (another continuing story- Catey's battle with the Turkish Delight. It came out once and now it goes runny every time I make it, but I think a candy thermometer may cure that... maybe)

8. Gingerbread

8 Things I Pray for at Christmas

1. Salvation of friends and family

2. My Awana kids - they really weigh on my heart during this season

3. Renewed focus - that Christ would keep my eyes trained on him.

4. Snow - or lack thereof, depending on how many people are coming over to my house (or if I'm going over to someone's )

5. Specific people who are hurting in my community

6. People who are hurting outside of my community and around the world

7. God's glory

8. That others understand the real gift of the season

I tag Judi, when she's done with her current tag game, and Never-Again, and FaithfulFollower


never-again said...

Hey! Turkish Delight! I read about that in Narnia. Anyways, thanks for tagging me. Great post.
I did my answers. I actually have two posts up 4 today because I posted, then checked your blog, and realized I was tagged.
Anyways, i updated with a poem the first time. The second is my anwers to your cyber-tag.
How has your week been?
Anyway, sorry to cut this comment a little short, but I really should be gettng back to writing on my Nano novel.
I'm at 34, 464 right now.

never-again said...

Oh, i forgot to ask if you had a recipe for turkish delight?

Sister Warrior said...

Hhhh, it's the continuous battle. I've tried a bunch - but my favorite one was in the Chronicles of Narnia cookbook (which is oft available at libraries and is probably around on Amazon and stuff)

My week has been...long. I enjoyed Thanksgiving a lot. How about you?

How many words in the Nanonovel now?


Judi said...

YAY!! Thanks for the tag, Catey..I'll be puttin it up sometime..I've been tagged like three other times already and i have to pull it together..i'm such a mess. :)

Sister Warrior said...

You were doing NaNoWriMo - I can hardly blame you!

Have fun with the tag.


FaithfulFollower said...

Ahhh.... I've been tagged! OK, I guess I'll have to do this one~ it looks like a lot of fun!

I've read the Narnia cookbook!!! (How could I have NOT?!) I need to get it again and save the recipe for Turkish Delight... that would be really fun to make, as long as it's not enchanted. I doubt that anything that I make in the kitchen could turn out THAT well, though. :)