Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have struggled with a balance between pride and false humility for years. But recently, I had a wake-up call that opened my eyes to embracing my inner ridiculousness, and becoming a person of true humility.

It's called: my family. There is no way to be the oldest of five kids and still have dignity. To show you exactly what I mean:

My family name has a meaning that my dad denies (he hasn't yet embraced his inner ridiculousness). He claims it means "spherical" (my mom says, "corpulent"). My dad says it means, 'wealth'.

It doesn't. I researched it. And that's NOT what it means.

It means, 'gibbon'.

A gibbon is a monkey.

My full name means "pure light monkeys".

Truth is truly stranger than fiction.

My family settled on a compromise.

We are now the Rich Round Monkeys.

Love always,
Catey the Rich Round Monkey Woman


JillY said...

I think your name might mean Pure LITE Monkeys! You know after the rich, round ones went on a diet!! HA!!!! I love it! But...I'm a monkey!

Shirin said...

Aren't gibbons ridiculously LOUD? Just thinking..... don't they scream and yell and chase each other?.....not that YOU would do such a thing. ;)