Monday, July 7, 2008


Today's my birthday. I am fifteen. Just for fun, here are some fifteen-item lists about me for the sake of remembrance...

1. We brought home Sam, my baby brother, from Korea.
2. I finished my last year of Squire Christian Writer's Guild.
3. I was invited to write for a website (
4. I went on an insanely long road trip to California.
5. I Bible Quizzed through Awana and took second place (by one question) in the state.
6. I wrote a whole novel and storylined and began two others.
7. I read through over half the Bible.
8. I learned how to harmonize in singing MUCH better
9. Because of that, I helped lead worship for my High School Awana club.
10. I ran through three (count 'em- three) five-subject writing notebooks.
11. I completed my first year of state testing for school.
12. My sister made me my very first character scrapbook.
13. I studied through Romans and Revelation with my Awana group in an in-depth study
14. I started this new site.
15. I learned to love God in a deeper way.

1. I was born in Mountain View, CA.
2. My hair USED to be thirty inches long before the haircut incident... which I will soon be writing about.(It's about twenty-six or so inches long now)
3. My genre of writing is like a eclectic and sometimes disastrous mixing and breaking of forms that I call Revelation fiction, because it deals mostly with the topics of Revelation and other prophecies.
4. I have two cats, and two dogs.
5. My current novel's name is Illumination (one of the places I got Sparks of Illumination from)
6. My room is purple!!!!
7. Some of my favorite authors include: J.R.R. Tolkien, Ted Dekker, Madeleine L'engle, Gloria Whelan and John Perrodin.
8. I always read three books of the Bible at a time- the Psalms, an Old Testament book and a New Testament book.
9. I talk to myself. Not just a little. A LOT.
10. My Quizzing coaches called me everything from "not normal" to "mutant".
11. One of my favorite books in the Bible is Jeremiah.
12. I speak some Latin.
13. My favorite flower is the pansy.
14. I have this thing for pencils. I'll write with anything... but I love the really fine tips on ultra-sharp pencils and pen tips.
15. I am 5'2", usually six to thirteen inches shorter than the people I know....

1. Sunshine
2. Sharp pencils
3. My family- Dad, Mom, Joss, Carli, Tim and Sam
4. My friends- all the many I can't name here
5. The Bible
6. Falafel
7. Awana
8. The smell of cinnamon bread
9. Gluesticks
10. Singing
11. Acting
12. Purple
13. Music
14. Elevate worship
15. Jesus


JillY said...

Uh.....I thought the puppy was decidedly NOT yours...?
My favorite thing about Catey....she loves the Lord like no one I know! And she is "only" 15!

Shirin said...

What is it about gluesticks? I used to love the smell of paste but gluesticks just don't do anything but dry up...especially in CO! So, what is it with gluesticks?

Sister Warrior said...

I love gluesticks.... they're amazing. They get things to stick without making a mess...