Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two Poems on One Day (Two/ little bits and pieces)


Two planes passed each other in the night
Two silent blinking heartbeats
Two longing believingly hopeful lights
A pilot stops to find a star to eat
Two planes and no delight

Two fireflies passed each other, full of fright
They blink, they cover their mouths
The moon's fear is far too bright
They fall to the ground, careful not to arouse
Two fireflies would never find a might

Two yellow-spiced winds passed each other on the right
Briefly they intoxicate their own poisons
They vomit up their hearing and sight
They turn their blind eyes from wish and reason
Two yellow-spiced winds are always a fight

Two white birds passed each other in flight
Both too tired to want or demand
Their heartbeats and wings fill with breathful white
For just a moment, they hold hands
And two white birds are all quite

little bits and pieces

little bits and pieces
All of life was a map with a key
and it was torn up into
little bits and pieces

I objectify and fragment
I lust and I lose
My vision is a stained glass crackled mirror
Dropped by demons into my eyes
Who are you?
I see only long slender fingers
I hear only the squalling of your singing

I'm distressed by my love
of little bits and pieces
I'll be the white capped head of hair
I'll blend into the green eyeliner
No one will find me
And no one will care
And we'll call the silence freedom
And we'll be free

little bits and pieces
of glass and seashells only cut my hands
but if I were invisible, I wouldn't have to worry
about the little bits and pieces
who like to follow me
I'm a mother duck, you see
And the whole of the earth is my duckling
I spit my bill on the ground
Because I'm disgusted

I peck my bony feet till they're
little bits and pieces
My eyelashes all fell out
And I lost my fingers
In the white lake
Beauty is lust
And vision is fr agmented
All is
little bits and pieces

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